Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yes, some apps are losing users on Facebook

This is actually good news... People who try apps are removing them. Out of about 950 apps we've followed for almost a month, approx 7 percent saw their user count go down from June 28 to July 6. Among those, unfortunately, are some that Facebook still shows on their "Recently Popular" list... For example, BunchBall's Games app... Lots of users, but lost 1,234 users during the 8 day period leading up to July 6th. In fact, not to pick on this particular app, besides a small boost of less than 1% in the middle of the period, Games' user count has gone down since June 19th (when we started tracking)... from 280,881 to 280,815... So why are they reported in the top 6% of "Recently Popular" on Facebook? Maybe that's because their raw user count is in the top 40... but still...
On a different note - the US Politics application, by Facebook, has over 250,000 users and doesn't hit the Recently Popular list (at least not in the top 200 (or top 8 pages)... I'll assume that's because it is developed by Facebook. Fair, I guess.

So - who lost their biggest share of users?
- PicksPal Pick'em (-5.35%)
- Dogster's Catster:Cute (-5.58%)
- MOG's My Last Songs Played (-5.70%)
- Zack Coburn's Beach Ball (-6.80%)
- Jonas Lindberg's Babble Babble (-7.40%)

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