Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who lost the most users July 11-17: the bottom 21

As shameful as it may seem... even good apps see a period of profile and home page cleansing following that period of explosive growth.... and, sometimes, there never was any explosive growth... just pure rejection. These apps, in the table below, had the most negative growth rates in the most recent period (July 11-17)...which shouldn't imply anything about prior periods - but, as you'll see, it does, as only 3 of the 21 had any positive growth in prior periods.

Some of them are actually born from good non-FB apps (you be the judge of that), so maybe they're just not following the rules of good Facebook app marketing design as told by Dave McClure.... or, better yet, Facebook news feed optimization, as told by Justin Smith and Jonathan Lipps. Or, maybe they just suck and people had to add them to find that out.
It's the WWW (Wild Wild West) all over again... at first, everything draws traffic... then, value prevails and we're not all just surfin', lookin' fer the next best thing.

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