Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Recently Popular does not mean fast growing

There was clearly disparity between the 'Most Users' list and the 'Recently Popular' list on Facebook - and that seemed justified... afterall, if you only promote the apps with the most users, you're not giving the new apps the promotion they may need to be recognized to grow into a an app with 'most users'...
But I had guessed that the growth rate of an app plays a large part in the 'Recently Popular' ranking - and looking at the data, that too looks untrue.

Only 19 of the Top 50 Fastest Growing apps from July 17-22 had appeared in the top 1000 'Recently Popular' (on July 22). In fact, the 1st (Advanced Wall), 5th (Lego Man) and 8th (Apples 'n' Oranges) fastest growing apps were among those not mentioned in the top 1000 Recently Popular (that's 40 pages of browsing the Recently Popular list).

Worse than that - 15 of the BOTTOM 50 - that is, apps which are all LOSING USERS - appeared in the top 1000 'Recently Popular' ! Wah?!
Lots more to say on this ... but figured it would be good to at least publish the prior top 50 table with the Recently Popular rank added...

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