Thursday, August 9, 2007

Growth Rates of the apps with the most users

Here are the top 25 apps in terms of number of users (as of Aug 7) and their growth rate trend over the past month... just a contrast to the growth rate trends of the prior post - which used no criteria for number of users, but used a stringent criteria on growth rates.

Apologies to Ivko - author of Compare People - as I missed the stats on that super-fast growing app on 7/31...
If you want the spreadsheet, use this link - it will give you your own copy in your Google account - the data from this post is in the 2nd sheet - the data from the prior post is in the first sheet.

Consistent Growing Facebook Apps

Growth rate gives an interesting perspective on Facebook apps - different than just most users or (ahem...) Recently Popular. Looking at about 2,000 apps which are in the top 1,000 most users or top 1,000 (ahem...) Recently Popular, there were 28 which had a daily average growth rate of 5% or better in the most recent week and 2% or better in the 3 prior periods - back to July 6. Here they are:

Of course, we excluded any app which couldn't get a calculated growth rate for any single period - so (disclaimer) we apologize if we might have missed a specific app due to our lameness in collecting the data for that app for one of the periods reported here...
If you want your own copy of this spreadsheet, you can get it on this link (you'll need to sign in to a google account - or register for one - which, no, does not require you to have a GMail account....)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More Recently Popular Stats

Looking again at the Recently Popular Apps list... it seems it's more important to note which PAGE of that list an app appears on...

So this Scatter Chart shows how many users each app has on each of the first 20 Recently Popular Pages... which just drills home the point that Apps with fewer users are pretty happenin' on the Recently Popular pages...
In fact, there are even 113 apps with less than 100 users on the first 20 pages of the Recently Popular list. "It's lonely at the top" (or... "it's crowded at the bottom").

Recently Popular = not mostly used

We've got new data - from today...
This scatter chart shows how the ranking of each app in terms of it's "Recently Popular" list placement maps to it's ranking on the "Most Users" list. As we reported last week, you are more likely to be listed on the Recently Popular list if you have a low number of users.

Here's an anecdote:

  • The top 25 Recently Popular apps today (at 10am pst) included the #3 and #100 ranked Most Users... In other words, 23 of 'em ranked below the top 100 most used.

    You can clearly see in the histogram the concentration of highly ranked recently popular apps (the lower numbers) to the lower ranked (higher rank values) in terms of most users. Too bad we can't see the "active users" stats - maybe that holds the key to the Recently Popular list... or maybe it's just a promotional tool - which is ok too.
  • Friday, August 3, 2007

    Top Growth Apps from July 22 - 31 (finally)

    I still haven't really put enough time in to make the data perfect (fixing name issues and missing links...) but figured I better get this into your hands before it rots...

    Only 17 of the top 100 had any users a month ago...
    More commentary coming soon...

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    Recently Popular ranks have a sweet spot

    On July 31 - when we looked at the "Recently Popular" Apps pages in Facebook, there was clearly (again) very little correlation between high numbers of users and high ranking on that list... (I must say that we have seen on other days a stronger correlation... but i need data to prove that).

    However, there was a correlation - but it was to LOW numbers of users... In fact, the sweet spot for appearing in the first 1000 apps on the Recently Popular list was between 100 and 500 users. That's where 33% of the top 1000 were at the time. The next best spot to be - believe it or not - was BELOW 50 USERS! (excitement intentional ;)

    Now - this is probably a good example of "so what" for most people, since the top 1000 recently popular is not something that most people see - as they'd have to page through 40 pages of apps to see them all... but a couple of other facts might help:
    - 16% of the top 100 (first 4 pages of Recently Popular) had less than 1000 users.
    - 9% of the top 100 had more than 100,000 users
    - 104 apps out of about 1,700 watched were not in the top 1,000 Recently Popular at all.