Monday, July 9, 2007

Facebook Stats: Top 21 Momentum Growth

Let's try something new this week... We came up with a new measure which combines growth rate and number of users... so it tries to punish those huge apps (many many users) which have very slow growth rates and reward those smaller apps which have huge growth rates. For now, here are the top 21 using our new "Momentum" rating...

Facebook Applications - Ranked by "Momentum":

We've highlighted in green those apps which are new within the past 2 weeks... That means we couldn't numerically calculate their growth rate in the prior week period.

Some highlights:

My Garden came out of nowhere to take the top momentum rank - by quite a margin - moving from 4,500 users a week ago to 130,000 last Friday (and 190,000 today!).... and GregT got high billing on Facebook's Recently Popular apps page with his derivative, My Aquarium.

Zombies keep biting... who'd'a'thunk they'd get 1 million users within 2 weeks? Well, BlakeC and friends have Causes too, which is #31 on our momentum list - so they clearly get the Facebook crowd... Which is why they've now introduced Vampires, cause they know a good idea is worth doing twice ;)

Astrolis keeps rolling out derivative astrological apps, many of which pop up on our lists... Chinese Horoscopes has teh #14 spot in momentum, but they also hold spot #29 (Numerology), #32 (Tarot) and #50 (Astrology) !

Top Friends and iLike still have respectable growth rates, enough to keep thin in the top 21.

Scrabble-the-face-book-app (trademark Hasbro, I suspect!) is getting some attention, but I expect that name to either change soon or be bought by Hasbro ;)

So - of course - you might ask:

"How has the growth rates of these apps changed from week to week?" or
"what about the new Apps this week whose growth rate couldn't be calculated?" or
"What about the apps ranked #22 through #101 using this momentum indicator?"... or...
"Which apps added the most users this past week, regardless of their current size?"...

We have all that data... so ASK! We're trying to figure out what's most useful here... so give us some feedback.

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