Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Facebook Top 101 Growing Apps - July 11-17

New data! Here's a new view of the fastest growing facebook apps. More than half of the fastest growing 101 facebook apps over the past 6 days were not even on the charts just 11 days ago (less than a couple of hundred users on June 6th).

Just a few quick notes (more to come soon):

A new class of apps - "I watch _____" was introduced by Watercooler, Inc. (who, btw, have no author link in FB). While none are huge in terms of total users (approx 2000 each), they have 5 in the top 101 fastest growing list - and all of them are new within the past 11 days.

Vibrating Hamster? I'm not even going to ask, no less add the app to my profile... but over 17,000 people were curious enough to push this "app" to the 4th fastest growing over the past 6 days.

9 out of the top 10 apps practically didn't exist 11 days ago...

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