Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Facebook Stats: Fastest Growing Apps

The prior post was really just the top apps, as rated by the number of users and then sorted by growth rate... This sheet will show the 101 fastest growing facebook apps which have at least 1000 users - all as of June 25th. The growth rate for this sheet used something slightly more current to remove some noise - it measures growth for a slightly shorter, more recent period of June 21 through June 25.

There's still some noise here, as you can see... "I Can Has Cheezburger" is on the list, and then of course, near the top of the list is "Beeeeeeeer" ;)
Also - notice that only 6 apps in the top 101 fastest growing has over 100,000 users - so it's the long tail of apps which seem to have these spiking growth rates... When we get the "Momentum Ranking" going, that should help give a true picture of the apps to watch.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Facebook Stats: Top Apps by Growth Rate

Let's start here... Facebook has become the new favorite target for developers of gadgety stuff, and a clear path to acquire thousands of users through both real value as well as simple experiments... You see everyone from the highly successful entrenched sites - like Digg, Twitter and to the totally experimental and alleged fun - like Food Fight! and Simpson's Quotes.

I started capturing data on Facebook user counts on 19th June, so below are the 101 Facebook apps with the most users (as of June 25) , sorted by Growth Rate for the period of June 19th through June 25th.

Notice some hot apps appear on the bottom of the list with the Growth Rate not calculated, as they didn't even appear on the list on June 19th... but that means they've grown to their current levels fast... so don't overlook these.

There are plenty of apps which had huge growth rates for this period but didn't have at least 18,680 users to make the top 101 most used... but I'll likely highlight a few in future posts, as they really are the ones to watch if you watch often enough...

Monday, June 25, 2007

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