Thursday, July 12, 2007

Facebook Top 21 Growing Apps - July 6-11

New data for the 5 day period of July 6th through July 11 in this post - Top 21 Facebook apps ranked by growth rate - including only those which had more than 1,000 users at the end of the period.

Some Highlights:

My Aquarium - from the same Greg Thomson who brought you the original concept with My Garden - had the highest growth rate by far. This cute app grew a whopping 4,852% each day during the period... that's 23,629 users per day on average! And it started the period with only 487 users! (excitement intentional)

Pacman, by, grew an average of 316% per day, ending the period with more than 30,000 users. Old concept, new platform (sounds familiar...).

Love Matcher (Thomas Fletcher) and Fantasy Football (David Fitzgibbon) took the next 2 spots, each growing to the modest but respectable levels of 5,000+ users.

Vampires, by the same trio who brought us the highly productive Zombies app - Blake Commagere, AJ Olson and Rob Gungor) spiked to 240,000+ users to take the 5th spot - growing at 243% per day.

Also worth mentioning...
Bush Countdown Clock, by the Nick O'Neil (who has been blogging about Facebook now very consistently) comes in at #10 with a respectable 108% daily growth.

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