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The Most Prolific Facebook Apps Authors

[post edited on 7/18 to add some credits - particularly to Aryeh Goldsmith's profile]
We've spent so much time focusing on the Apps, we thought it would be nice to give mention to the people behind some of those apps - even if they're not the tops... This post focuses on those people who have created 3 or more apps - with apologies to those who have not gotten at least a few hundred users in their apps - in which case they'd be left off this list (we've limited our tracking a bit due to sheer volume). And apologies to those people who may be spread across several author names, as we may not have made the connection to give you credit for 3 or more...
Note: I've tried to provide public links - noted with a "^") here where possible so the login screen doesn't make you mad ;) but it's tough to find public links for most of these.

Blake Commagere ^ - Sure, he co-authors with others in all cases, but he's the common thread behind Causes, Zombies and Vampires - with a total of more than 3 million users.

David Gentzel ^ - One of the most successful in total on this prolific list - with 4 apps credited to him alone (Food Fight!, Kudos!, Tag! and Trakzor) and another one credited to him in partnership with Sourabh Niyogi (that app name is LOL!).

Albert Magnuson (is this you? ^) has more than a half-a-million users across 7 apps (Bible Verses, Bushisms, Chuck Norris, Drink Recipes, Funny Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes, Yo Mama Jokes). How funny is it that the guy who creates "Bible Verses" also creates "Yo Mama Jokes" ;)

Kevin Koder, besides winning the award for the best last name for a developer, Kevin has gained over 400,000 users across 7 apps (Baseball Fan, borat, Dane Cook, Family Guy, Hockey Fan, Rugby Fan, South Park). He's got two themes going here - first, quotes from some well-followed shows and, second, sports. has a clear theme in their 5 apps (Astrology, Chinese Horoscopes, Love Horoscope, Numerology, Tarot) - which resonate pretty well with the Facebook crowd, gaining more about 350,000 users overall - pretty well distributed across all of these apps.

Aryeh Goldsmith hit it big with Matches, but also gets about 10% of his total users from 4 other apps (My Profiles, Moodster, F Buddies, My Bucks) not to mention a couple he's co-authored (Vampire - not to be confused with VampireS - and Jewster). He also had another called Bookmark which seems to have dropped off below our threshold. has also cornered the market (not really) on goodness with approximately 200,000 users across 5 apps (Daily Bible Verse, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes, Famous Christian Quotes, Pope Quoets, Prayer Request.

There are a few authors with more than 3 apps in the "under 100,000 users" category (but some might have burst out of this category by now - since we last checked stats on July 11th)...
- Jonathan Sadowski (Countdown, Rock Paper Scissors, Scrawl Pad, Stoplight).
- Edward Frederick (Magazine Rack, Mardi Gras, My Gadgets, Visual Bookshelf, Visual CD Rack, Visual DVD Rack, Who's Sick)
- Jack Lorenz (Canadian Football Fan, Greek Pride, Lost Quotes, The Office)
- Dean Jackson (BioRhythms, GigAlert, Mobile Status, SportAlert)
- Danny Tran (Bobbleheads, Funny Video Daily, Use The Force, Word A Day)
- (Einstein Quotes, Hangman, PacMan, Star Wars Quotes, Bushisms**)
- Paul Wells (, Plus, Photo Mosaics, Stuff I Hate, What are you Wearing?)
- Matt Kraft and Phil Edwards (Art, Bands, Movie Posters, and one by Matt Kraft alone, called Cashback, which disappeared into obscurity very quickly)
- Patrick Shyu (Connections, Fragments Cards, Matchbook Revolution, MySpace Link, Summer Plans, Syndrome Valentine and one, Popularity contest, which dropped off)
- Robert Balousek (Abe Vigoda Status, Daily Bible Scripture, Paris Hilton Status)
- Ashot Petrosian (Notebook Paper, Quotes**, Stories)
- ...and several others who fall in the "10,000 to 30,000 total users" category as of July 11... including Jonathan Lipps, YackPack, Justin Strawn, Yellow Media, Profile Posters, Ivko Maksimovic, Goowy Media, Experience Project, Jake Jarvis, Ben Holloway.

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Thanks for mentioning the apps from We actually have another a 6th that is in beta right now -

This app lets users show a badge of their denomination, ministry, or local church (church coming soon). It will be deeply integrated into the social graph as well as integrated into the service.

Let me know if you'd like to review it when we come out of beta

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