Monday, July 23, 2007

Top 50 Fastest Growing Apps July 17-22

Only 34% of the apps in this weeks top 50 fastest growing were even alive back on July 11... So the trend is clear now - that newer apps have a better chance to have a burst of growth than the more mature apps... As they age, a few keep growing but most don't.
Which ones in this list do you think are one-week-wonders and which ones will keep growing strong?

Advanced Wall had quite an explosive showing this week after a month of respectable, but not crazy growth....

The success of Harry Potter Magic Spells this past week is not surprising... annoying, but not surprising ;)

The TV Fans continue to flock to Facebook apps aimed at meeting their needs (whatever those are) - with the "Addicted to ____" and "I Watch ____" series having a very impressive showing in this week's growth list... including
I Watch So You Think You Can Dance?
I Watch Heroes
Addicted to Greys Anatomy
Addicted to The OC
Addicted to Friends
Addicted to Desperate Housewives
I Watch Lost
I Watch House
...and, so... when you include the other 7 TV-Related apps in the top 50:
Scrubs Quotes
Friends Quotes
Prison Break
Big Brother
One Tree Hill
Sex and the City
... that makes 30% of the top 50 fastest growing apps... all about specific TV shows... and you wonder why more developers are jumping on the bandwagon...
I'm afraid we're in for a much longer list of TV apps next time we see this list.

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