Thursday, August 2, 2007

Recently Popular ranks have a sweet spot

On July 31 - when we looked at the "Recently Popular" Apps pages in Facebook, there was clearly (again) very little correlation between high numbers of users and high ranking on that list... (I must say that we have seen on other days a stronger correlation... but i need data to prove that).

However, there was a correlation - but it was to LOW numbers of users... In fact, the sweet spot for appearing in the first 1000 apps on the Recently Popular list was between 100 and 500 users. That's where 33% of the top 1000 were at the time. The next best spot to be - believe it or not - was BELOW 50 USERS! (excitement intentional ;)

Now - this is probably a good example of "so what" for most people, since the top 1000 recently popular is not something that most people see - as they'd have to page through 40 pages of apps to see them all... but a couple of other facts might help:
- 16% of the top 100 (first 4 pages of Recently Popular) had less than 1000 users.
- 9% of the top 100 had more than 100,000 users
- 104 apps out of about 1,700 watched were not in the top 1,000 Recently Popular at all.

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